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Swindon Does ArtsSwindon Does Arts / Events / Mon 7th Mar 2016 Butterfly Making Session

Butterfly Making Session

Join Swindon's community art project at the Central Library, preparing for the celebration of Swindon's Literature Festival coming up.

Once complete, the art work will be placed on the back wall of the children’s storytelling ‘pod’ and will be approximately 4 metres wide by 3 metres high.

The Artswords-funded project will see artists Gordon and Toni Dickinson of No Added Sugar and poet Hilda Sheehan on hand at three sessions next week to help people leave their creative mark in the library.

The art project will be unveiled at Swindon's Literature Festival.


Monday 7 March from 10am until 1pm
Thursday 10 March from 12noon until 4pm
Saturday 12 March from 11am until 2.30pm

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