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Swindon Does ArtsSwindon Does Arts / Events / Wed 7th Oct 2015 Fred MacAulay - Twenty Fifteen

Fred MacAulay - Twenty Fifteen

Back on the road again after 18 years at BBC Radio Scotland, Fred MacAulay looks back on family life at home…and forward to how his country will shape up after the referendum of 2014.

It sounds like a wrong tennis score, but Twenty Fifteen is a hugely significant year for one of Scotland’s best (and best loved) stand-up comedians.

In his first tour since 2012, as well as looking backwards and forwards he’ll probably look sideways at politics, sport, the environment and without this sounding too like a brief for a newspaper, there will undoubtedly be a colour supplement with a look at ‘celebrity’.

Age: 16+

Tickets: £15.00 / £13.00 Concessions

For more information visit http://www.swindontheatres.co.uk/

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