Swindon Does Arts

About Swindon Does Arts

Swindon Does Arts was established in 2008 by Swindon Borough Council.  It is a partnership, a network and a campaign to increase awareness and participation in arts and culture in Swindon.

We have a proud tradition of community arts engagement in Swindon and the Swindon Does Arts network aims to enhance and promote all kinds of arts and creative activities.  It takes a very broad definition of the arts including performing, visual and crafts, and welcomes all those who share our passion.

In 2010, Swindon developed a public sector partnership plan called One Swindon.  This plan recognises the social and economic benefits of a strong, vibrant and diverse arts sector and includes a priority that "Everyone is enjoying sports, leisure and cultural opportunities".  Swindon Does Arts aims to support this priority by providing a free web based platform for the arts and creative sector to network and promote activities.